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Nap Meaning In Betting

Nap Meaning In Betting

Ever wondered what "nap" means in betting? You're in the right place. 

In the world of sports betting, the term "nap" is commonly used by tipsters to highlight their strongest bet of the day. This isn't just a casual pick; it’s the selection they feel most confident about. 

Understanding this term can potentially help you navigate betting tips more effectively. Read on to grasp what makes a "nap" so special and how you can use this knowledge to make informed betting decisions.

What Does a Nap Mean In Horse Racing?

In horse racing, a "nap" is a tipster’s top selection for the day's races. This is the horse they believe has the best chance of winning based on their research and analysis.

Tipsters often highlight their "nap" in their daily selections, making it convenient for you to spot. The term comes from the card game ‘Napoleon’, where "nap" is the strongest hand.

You can see "nap" tips in newspapers, racing websites, and even on social media. While it doesn't guarantee a win, it signals that the tipster has put significant thought into this particular pick.

Where Does The NAP Betting Term Originate From?

The term "nap" in betting originates from the card game called "Napoleon," commonly known as "Nap." In this game, the highest-ranking hand is referred to as the "nap" hand.

The use of "nap" in betting took hold because, just like the "nap" hand in the card game, it signifies the best or most favourable pick.

Tipsters borrowed this term to denote their top choice of the day, signalling their strongest prediction. This helps bettors quickly identify which selection the tipster believes has the most potential to perform well.

What Is The “Nap of the Day” In Horse Racing?

The "Nap of the Day" in horse racing refers to the tipster's top pick from all the horses running that day. It’s the standout choice they believe has the best chance of performing well.

Tipsters use various data, such as past performance, trainer and jockey statistics, and course conditions to make this selection.

You can usually find the "Nap of the Day" highlighted in newspapers, online betting forums, and specialised racing websites. While it offers a well-researched tip, always remember it’s not a sure thing.


Understanding what "nap" means in betting and horse racing can potentially make your experience more informed and enjoyable. While tipsters provide valuable insights, it’s essential to gamble responsibly and within your limits.